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The C.E.O Blueprint is a breakthrough methodology created by Adele Tevlin that is helping CEO's and C-suite executives produce profound results, on demand, with predicability within their teams and companies.
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"Adele's ability to see through what is blocking her clients from truly elevating their leadership is profound. This woman is on a mission and making a difference with every client she works with..."
Dr. Meaghan Walker, Founder of Impact Live(s) and the Entrepology Podcast
"Adele's work in the world couldn't come at a better time. People are craving leadership and growth and I couldn't think of a more powerful woman to be doing this work for people. "
Giovanni Marsico, Founder and Chief Visionary of Archangel
"Adele has developed a proven methodology to help CEO's and C-suite executives elevate their personal and professional leadership to new levels. She's brilliant and is making a huge difference in the world!"
Dr. Tami Meraglia, CEO & Chief Medical Officer US Stemology and Best Selling Author with The Hormone Secret
"Adele enjoys speaking to companies, organizations and groups that are interested in the overall benefits of positive change. Whether discussing strategies to improve the overall health and performance of employees or speaking to the needs of a specific group of people, Adele tailors her topics to the needs of the audience."
Ben Mulroney, Host of ETalk Canada
ABC News: Good Morning America
"Transformational Leadership is guiding a journey into the unknown from which there is no coming back" - Scott Coady, Founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders.

Today's business climate is demanding and you're leading the people in your organization into the unknown. As you step into greater positions of leadership, it requires more of you. It requires you to upgrade your technology A.K.A your mind. 

This requires a shift in thinking, feeling and acting. It requires that you are still amidst the storm. It also requires that you see leadership from a new perspective, ultimately leading yourself first and embodying a new way of BEING as a leader that builds trust with the people you lead. 

This then allows you to collectively fulfill on what you are committed to as a Leader and organization. 

Adele Tevlin, Founder of C.E.O Blueprint
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The world and your organization needs you.

If you're stressed out and burnt-out, this is the signal that you are subconsciously sending to those you lead and serve.  This energy directly impacts your productivity and effectiveness as a leader.  Not to mention it diminishes trust with the people you lead.  You see, this is biological, psychological, and ever so subtle.  

I've worked with 100's of CEO's and top leaders in Canada and the U.S. to produce massive results, using science-based tools and methodologies that work consistently and reliably.  

Here are some of the Truths that you will learn in working with me:

  • Your thoughts create your reality. This is science, not fiction. You will learn how to reframe your thinking to create the results you desire.
  • Your words and language create your world. You will learn how to use language powerfully to inspire those around you create the change you are committed to making.
  • Your childhood conditioning has created your Identity, both the aspects of yourself that you love, and the shadow side of yourself that you don't. You will see that your personality isn't stable, it can change and evolve to serve the highest version of yourself.
  • ​Your thoughts and beliefs predict your behaviour and results 100% of the time. You will learn to align your thinking to the outcome you are looking to attain.
  • ​Other people trust you (or don't) by virtue of your level of awareness and how you react to the world around you. You will learn to upgrade your awareness to build trust and rapport with those you lead.
Using a combination of Neuroscience, Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neurosemantics and Mindfulness practices, you will increase your results, impact, leadership capacity, and overall happiness predictably and reliably.  

Your ability to tap into your leadership is your superpower, and it needs to be nurtured and optimized so you and your organization can achieve peak performance.

The world needs you at the top of your game. What would it look like to be calm, resourceful and grounded no matter what circumstances come your way? 

Let's find out together on your Strategy Session.
THE C.E.O Blueprint Methodology was created out of Adele's 15+ years in working with some of Canada's most influential CEO's and Executives. When this work was married with Adele's studies during her Masters in Phycology at Harvard University, the answer was clear. Todays Executives are not equipped with the tools to consistently generate breakthroughs in their leadership
You will become part of an exclusive group of people who are committed to a new realm of LEADERSHIP in Corporations.
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"Adele is a truly magician."
Sharon Rotzang
Director of Business Development, Tiffany Gate
McGill University - Bsc in Neuroscience
Institute of Holistic Nutrition - Certified Nutritional Practitioner
BECK Institute  - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certified 
  • For over 15 years Adele has been providing breakthrough coaching for Canada's most influential Corporate Executives
  • Won the Trailblazer of the Year award at the Distinctive Women IGNITE Conference, 2018
  • Over 500 Clients Served
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