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Thursday Feb 24th at 11:30am - NEW YORK
How To Unleash Your Inner Power
And Live On Purpose, Today.
Without having to HUSTLE, GRIND, READ another self-development book or try new strategies
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11:30am NEW YORK  8:30am Los Angeles 4:30pm London
Discover The 3 Proven Steps to quickly reach your goals in life and business...
Uncover and Dissolve Limiting Beliefs
Discover the tools for uncovering and dissolving the limiting beliefs that are robbing you of your success.
Breakthrough Your Blindspots
How to break through your blind spots and design your ideal life.
Make Massive Leaps in Life and Business
Learn how to make massive leaps forward in your life even if you have “tried everything” and failed. 
Are you feeling like?
  • You’ve read every book and been to every seminar and yet nothing has changed?
  • ​You’re spinning your wheels and working so hard for minimal gains in your business?
  • ​You’re afraid to take the leap but you know you’re not living the life you really want?
  • ​You feel exhausted. You feel drained. You feel like a fraud. 
  • ​You feel like you’ve “tried it all” and nothing seems to be working. 
After Working With Adele You Will...
  •  Take back the authority you once gave over to someone else.
  • ​ Trust yourself again.
  • ​ Create massive growth in your life and business.
  • ​ Remove what’s been holding you back. 
  • ​ Have clarity in your purpose and what you REALLY want.
  • ​ Stop tolerating relationships that don’t serve you and develop relationships you could only dream of.
  • ​ Unlock your power and potential.
  • ​ Understand that your beliefs and thoughts predict your reality and your results!
What others are saying...
"Working with Adele has changed my life. I feel supported, lighter and empowered. I understand that this work will take a lifetime, but working with Adele (ongoing.... not letting her go!) has been the jumpstart to the rest of my life that I have been searching for. I have done multiple business courses, masterminds and worked with multiple coaches. Nothing has moved the needle in the same way as working with Adele has. Adele, you are a blessing in my life and I am truly appreciative."
Chana. R
Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Clinic Director
"Working with Adele has been a mind-blowing, game changing experience! I look forward to every single class, not just for the knowledge she shares, but for the community and connection we have created. Since working with Adele, I have taken leaps in my self-confidence, goals, boundaries and income. This is the opportunity you've been looking for - sign up! xoxo"
Dr. Leigha. S
Naturopathic Doctor
"My experience with Adele's programs have been life-changing for me. I have always been curious about self-development and have taken many courses before this series. Through these programs I was able to finally deal with all the blame hurt and judgement I was giving myself on a daily basis. This kept me small and the same, not really moving forward even if I thought I was. I am now confident and trust myself to know what is best for me. Even when thoughts and feelings come up that no longer serve me, I have the tools and knowledge to move through any space to make powerful choices from discernment. For that, I am very grateful for all the freedom and joy I have in my everyday life."
Dana. W
Hi, I'm Adele...
Adele Tevlin is the CEO and Founder of C.E.O Blueprint, a Transformational Leadership Development Company for C-Suite Executives and entrepreneurs.
She is a behavioural expert and pattern interrupter that uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), neuroscience and psychology to ensure clients achieve the transformation and breakthroughs they are committed to making in their lives.

Adele can see people’s blind-spots that get in the way of their ability to accomplish their goals. She can help microshift any undesired behaviors to create sustainable change.


B.Sc in Neuropsychology - McGill University
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Beck Institute
Applied Holistic Nutrition - IHN
How To Unleash Your Inner Power 
And Live On Purpose, Today.

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