Cosmic University

The universal laws and how they apply to you and your business

Discover how the Universal Laws can launch your life and business to new heights!

Learn The Fundamentals
The universal laws are the unchanging laws of our universe. These laws prove that we possess the power to change the conditions of our lives.
Create Agency In Your Life
When we know how to use the laws, we can change the trajectory of our lives and truly know that we have the power to co-create.
Make Success Inevitable
The Universal Laws govern everything on the planet. Learn how they can work FOR you and make your success inevitable.
Are you feeling like?
  • Life is happening TO you.
  • ​You’re spinning your wheels and feel like you have no control.
  • ​You know you’re not living the life you really want?
After This Course You Will...
  •  Learn how to use the Universal Laws to work FOR you!
  • ​ Create massive growth and the success you have been "grinding" for.
  • ​ Unlock your power and potential and co-create your dream life.
Hear what others are saying:
Hi, I'm Adele Tevlin...
Adele Tevlin is the CEO and Founder of C.E.O Blueprint, a Transformational Leadership Development Company for C-Suite Executives and entrepreneurs.
She is a behavioral expert and pattern interrupter that uses a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), neuroscience and psychology to ensure clients achieve the transformation and breakthroughs they are committed to making in their lives.

Adele can see people’s blind-spots that get in the way of their ability to accomplish their goals. She can help microshift any undesired behaviors to create sustainable change.
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